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Welcome to the RPGWizard

swordmaster by swordmaster May 26, 2017

Welcome to the home of the RPGWizard, a free and open-source tool for creating 2D RPG games. The goal of this project is simple; make creating 2D RPG games fun and accessible to all. To achieve this the RPGWizard aims to provide each of the following:

  • Graphical editor for desktops that produces all the game assets you'll need.
  • Browser based game engine for desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Community contributions through forums, tutorials, and a discord channel.

The origin of this project can be traced back to another once popular tool, RPGToolkit, to which the RPGWizard acts as spiritual successor. It has grown out of a desire to rebuild what the RPGToolkit once represented, free to use software for 2D RPGs, and a welcoming community. The RPGWizard will release on June 23rd 2017 so be sure to check out the forums and discord channel before then while you wait.