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RPGWizard Release 1.1.0

swordmaster by swordmaster June 23rd, 2017

RPGWizard version 1.1.0 is the first mayor release of the software since 1.0.0 and it brings a host of new features, some of those requested by the community.

This changes included in this release include:

  • Item types for use with your characters.
  • 8 directional movement is now possible.
  • Trigger event programs for BoardVectors and Sprites via keypress.
  • Loading custom CSS3 fonts for use in your games.
  • Sharing JavaScript code across programs using modules.
  • An integrated editor window running an embedded chromium browser.
  • Fullscreen mode, scaling your game to fit all the available space.

For a more complete list please refer to the original forum post. You can also try out the online demo of "The Last Sword Master" that show cases a lot of these new features.