Action RPG (Zelda Style) - Updated (02/12/2017)

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Action RPG (Zelda Style) - Updated (02/12/2017)

Post by swordmaster » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:04 pm

A complete project that features an action battle system with real time combat similar to the LoZ series of games.

What it looks like:


Where to get it:

This asset pack is hosted in my public OneDrive folder for now seeing how it uses Zelda assets that I cannot redistribute with the RPGWizard. It will be reskined at some point, if you are interested in creating new graphics for it please let me know!
  • Real time battles.
  • Two enemy types: Aggressive and Passive.
  • Item drops and pickups.
  • Some slashable bushes.
The bulk of the project is contained within the program files, I've also added a number of custom animation slots to the character and enemies in the editor namely: ATTACK_NORTH, ATTACK_SOUTH, ..., DEFEND_NORTH, DEFEND_SOUTH etc.

In the programs folder you'll find two sub-folders:


Inside the examples folder you'll find code for the sword slashing, character bumping, and enemies behaviors.

These example code files depend on the files found in the lib folder, the files inside of lib provide the low-level functions required by the ARPG battle system. Unless you are already familiar with JavaScript you should instead stick to the files found inside of examples.

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Re: Action RPG (Zelda Style) - Updated (02/12/2017)

Post by EgyLynx » Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:38 pm

Legacy of Goku... can be make, but... well, place save/change active person- places ... and these Level doors... or... items...

But base is similar... i think?

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