Beta Release - RPGWizard 1.1.0

Any official announcements concerning RPGWizard e.g. release schedules, competitions, site maintenance etc.
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Beta Release - RPGWizard 1.1.0

Post by swordmaster » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:49 pm

Hi All,

As this is Beta software you should work on a copy of your project! I will not be held responsible for loss of work in the event you encounter any serious bugs :)

I am pleased to announce the one week Beta for version 1.1.0 of the RPGWizard, this is the first mayor release of the software since 1.0.0 that brings a host of new features, some of those requested by the community. As this is a Beta you should raise any issues in the Bug Reports forum or on Github so they can be addressed ahead of the official release. If no bugs are encountered then there will be no need for a rebuild of the software. I will be updating the official user guide with these new features over the coming week, in the meantime if you have any questions on a particular feature you should post to the forums.

Online Demo
A demo game containing most these new features can be found using the link below (Chrome only demo):
Download Link
Currently hosted in my OneDrive for convenience, it is a 200MB zip file, the size has increased as a result of bundling Java:
Summary of New Features

Item Editor
You will now find a simple Item editor available to you under File -> New -> Item, this file type editor provides a means of creating simple items that can be placed in a character's inventory or equipped to a slot. See rpgcode.giveItem and rpgcode.takeItem for more details.


8 Way Movement
At the request of Grindalf, 8 way directional movement that is North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East, South West, is now the default movement system.

Improved Collision Detection
Collisions with BoardVectors has been greatly improved over the previous version, diagonal BoardVectors are now far more accurate than before. These changes require that all BoardVector shapes are convex in nature.

Keypress Event for BoardVectors and Sprites
It is now possible to trigger the events associated with BoardVectors and Sprites by setting them to use the new Event type KeyPress in their Properties tab in the BoardEditor (where you would normally set the event program and threads etc.).


When a character enters an object with this event type attached it will register and listen for key presses. When the character leaves the object the key is automatically unregistered, you cannot however place objects with this event inside of each other.

Loading of Custom CSS3 Fonts
It is now possible to load custom font files directly into the user's browser at run time without requiring them to install the font on their system. When you open your project in the new editor it will automatically create a "Fonts" folder for you to use these fonts, they can then be loaded using:

Code: Select all

var assets = {
  "fonts": [
         "name": "pixelzie",
         "file": "pixelzie.ttf"

rpgcode.loadAssets(assets, function() {
	rpgcode.font = "20px pixelzie";
	// Do something interesting with the font, show some dialog etc.
More information on CSS3 fonts can be found at:
Loading JavaScript Code Globally
It is now possible to load reusable JavaScript files into the user's browser via the engine, this enables you to create JavaScript files that contain commonly used functions or libraries to share others. This code should be wrote in a modular way to avoid polluting the global space, see JavaScript namespaces for more details on this:
Example usage:

Code: Select all

var assets = {
  "programs": [

rpgcode.loadAssets(assets, function() {
	// Now our type writer library is loaded we can use it.
	TypeWriterMessageWindow.showDialog("Hello world!");
Integrated Engine
The RPGWizard now comes with an integrated engine window running a self contained Chromium browser, similar to Chrome in performance. Every time you launch the engine you will now be presented with this integrated browser, no need to manage multiple tabs anymore, creating a much smoother and seamless experience. The browser window responds to F5 (refresh) and F12 (debug tools) just like Chrome!


You can still open your game in another browser by simply typing in http://localhost:8080 while the engine is running.

Full Screen Mode
You can now set your game to run in full screen mode (up scaled), you can access this setting under the Project editor's "Graphics" tab.


Bundled with Java
The RPGWizard now comes bundle with a 32bit JRE, meaning you no longer need to worry about having Java pre-installed. This has increased the download size of course and it sits at ~200MB. This will become a lot more useful when it becomes possible to build a standalone game though.

New RPGcode Functions:
A number of new RPGcode functions have been added, you'll be able to get more details on how to use them within the rpgcode docs bundled with the download:
  • rpgcode.giveItem
  • rpgcode.measureText
  • rpgcode.setDialogDimensions
  • rpgcode.takeItem
  • rpgcode.loadJSON
  • rpgcode.saveJSON

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