1.4.0 - What feature do you want the most?

If you have any feature requests or suggested changes to the RPG Wizard software post them here.
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Re: 1.4.0 - What feature do you want the most?

Post by swordmaster » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:24 pm

Yup I will definitely look to add this.
- An undo button for the boards.

I can have the editor remember the previously opened project.
- An open project on startup option.

I'll have to think about this.
- A easier way to add programs to the board. I think that would be the vector tools feature from the last post.

I don't think these are even possible but:

I also want to add this myself.
- When you type 'rpgcode.' can a list of the functions show up?

This would be difficult as I'd have to track the variable.
- A popup list of variables and functions for the default objects.

Will try to improve docs on this.
- The rpgcode.getSprite(spriteid) and rpgcode.getCharacter() functions, not much is really known about their inner-workings (unless you browse the source or use JSON.stringfy()).

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