City of Yo'Del

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Re: City of Yo'Del

Post by rpggamer17 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 9:54 am

Yo'dell is currently on hold. My plans got way out of hand.
I had too many ideas and wants. I've got an entire binder of them.
Plus the the lack of resources (sprites, tiles, audio). I suck at all of them.

I've switched to an older game I was making (Kingdoms in Chaos) with the previous software.
Kingdoms in Chaos is also (kind of) halted due to the lack of resources (sprites, tiles, audio). I'm not too attached to this game so I don't mind having boxes as sprites and no sound.
There isn't a story to kingdoms. It's just a tactical battle system and fights. More of a 'can I even make this?' kind of game.
The answer is most-likely yes. I've got spawning of enemies, movement, an overlay system and pathfinding done. The rest attacking, skill, and item use is easy enough to make (once I have targeting done at least).

The hard part is designing the user interface and AI (although I've got an idea of how to do the latter).

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