These tutorials are a work in progress and will be improved over time, it is highly recommended you look at the Getting Started at a minium!

Getting Started


In this short tutorial series we will cover opening the editor and starting the demo game.

Your First Game


In this tutorial series you will be introduced to the basic building blocks that make up an RPGWizard game. You'll learn about animations and how they can be used with characters and NPCs. How to import tilesets from standard image files, the process of building boards from those tilesets. We'll also cover setting up collisions and how to trigger simple events such as moving the character between boards.

Programming Guide


In this tutorial series you will be introduced to the basics of the JavaScript programming language, and shown how it can be used to make interesting things happen in your game. It covers loading assets, displaying dialog, global variables, and manipulating graphics. The examples in this series will be expanded upon as the software progresses and as more games are created.

Default Systems


Provides an in-depth look into how you can use the default systems that come bundled with the RPGWizard in your own game.

RPGcode API Reference


For a more detailed look at all the functions available to your JavaScript programs checkout the RPGcode API reference.