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In this brief introduction we will show you where the editor executable file lives. We'll also cover how to open the editor and start the included demo game "The Wizard's Tower".


After you've downloaded and extracted the zip folder, look for the editor .exe file. In the same folder you will also find the "plugins" and "projects" folders. Start the editor using the .exe file.

At this point if you do not already have Java 8+ installed you will be prompted to download it. When the editor opens you will be presented with an empty workspace. To open the demo game goto File -> Open Project.

By default the editor looks for game projects in the folder where the .exe is running from. Open the folder named "The Wizard's Tower" and select the .game file.

When the demo opens you will be presented with the game file editor, we will cover this in a later tutorial.

To start the demo game in the engine look for the play button located towards the top of the editor.

The engine will open up the current game project inside your default web browser. You'll want to ensure you are running the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for the best possible experience. Once you get past the loading screen you can use your keyboard's arrow keys or W, A, S, and D to move around:

When you've finished playing the demo game make sure you stop the engine afterwards and close the tab.

Where to Next

Try the tutorials

Now that you know how to open the editor and start the demo, you should checkout the My First Game guide.