swordmaster by swordmaster May 30, 2017


In this part of the tutorial we will create our game character, this who the player will be controlling. Characters are made up of a number of simple stats, a profile image, and a set of animations for things like walking. You will also be introduced to the concept of activation and collision boxes.


To create a character go to File -> New -> New Character.

You should then be presented with the character editor. Using this you can set the character's basic stats, a profile image for menu systems, battle systems, dialog boxes etc., and all the animations associated with them. Start setting some of the basic stats, then double click on the empty area to the left to set an image.

In the file dialog goto Graphics and open the file "hero_stance.png", this will be our character's profile picture. Note you will need to have copied the Graphics folder from the demo as detailed in the last tutorial for this image to show up.

Now it is time to set an animation for our character, switch to the "Animations" tab and select the "SOUTH" entry. When you have that selected click on the folder button below it and set the matching animation you created in the last tutorial. You can even add your own animations with custom IDs for use in your game by using the new button right next to the open button.

Note the delete button can only be used on custom entries you cannot delete any of the default animations. You also need to ensure that you set animations for NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST for the engine!

Playing animations works in exactly the same way as the in animation editor, just click the play button and off it goes. At this point you might have noticed the yellow and red boxes surrounding the character these are the activation and collision boxes:

  • Activation (Yellow): This is used to trigger events, this might be something as simple as walking up to a door that can be opened.
  • Collision (Red): This is used to detect collisions with solid things e.g. a wall, and stops the player from moving through them.

If the character's activation box intersects an entity that is setup to respond to activations that activation may trigger. The same happens if the collision box hits something solid the character may be stopped. You can adjust the width and height of each box using the "Properties" tab settings. The offsets refer to how far they appear from the center of the characters animations.


Now its your turn!

Set the animations on the character for the NORTH, EAST, and WEST directions.